Salted Caramel Tarts

This is a sinfully indulgent and easy-to-make dessert that gives the impression of putting in a lot of effort!!! And trust me, this got polished off the plate in seconds…. Portion – Six… Continue reading

Heartbeat…. (This one’s for you Mr. Husband)

Heartbeat thumping, pitter pat,Wondering where it’s at, Heartfelt, heart sweet, sweet dreams, heartbeat, precious music in my ears,Hand to hold to still my fears, Loving footsteps in the night,Treasured hopes, forever bright, Brightest… Continue reading

Mutton Dhansak

Ingredients Mutton 1/2 kg (Preferably boneless) Tur dal (use oiled Tur dal for this particular recipe) 250 grams Ginger garlic paste – 1 tbsp Dhansak Masala – ½ tbsp (available at almost all… Continue reading

The Rich and The Poor

After the door shut and the footsteps died, Meera cautiously switched on the mobile phone underneath her comforter. She knew Maa was upset and there was absolutely no chance she could meet Rajat… Continue reading

The Blessing

  The doctor put his hand on her arm and said gently, “You or the baby will survive. Not both. I’m sorry.” Serena was shocked and her body went numb… This was the… Continue reading

The Sun Bows As The Pain Vibrates

The sun bows as the pain vibrates, I do not have any more strength, but more it takes I lived to love, I lived to care,A thing in life again I will never… Continue reading

A Retreat from Love

A tomb is only an empty box. The one I love exists entirely in my memory, in a handkerchief that’s still scented when I unfold it. inan intonation that I suddenly remember and listen… Continue reading

The Love That Could Not Be Forgotten

She spent four years constantly reminiscing the wonderful nine months of her life that she had spent with him,. He had loved her like no man did – or so, he faked.A marriage… Continue reading

Go green, save money

A noble desire to save the environment sometimes runs up against economic realities. Many green solutions, such as solar power, geothermal heating, and fuel-efficient cars require an upfront cost that must be recouped over… Continue reading

Holiday Destination – Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh

Pasighat derives its name from the ‘Pasis’, a tribe of the area. Pasighat is the oldest town of Arunachal Pradesh established in 1911. At present, it is the headquarter of the East Siang… Continue reading